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The Consequences Of No One Picking Up Their Dog’s Poop Are Horrifying

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Around here the big thing is people who bag up the poop but then just leave it lying on the ground. I think they intend to pick it up on the way back from their walk instead of having to carry it around with them... but they seem to often forget.

39.3 tons of dog crap is a LOT.

What would happen if people didn’t pick up their dog’s crap? Pestilence, plague, pollution, declining property values (I assume) and possible environmental damage. In reality, if 41 percent of New Yorkers didn’t clean up after their dog (as was found in the Chesapeake Bay study), 39.3 tons of dog crap gets left on the sidewalks each day — a little less than the weight of a subway car on the F train.

The moral of the story? First, pick up your dog’s poop, even in the snow. Second, the way New York handles its wastewater is fascinating. Third, you get really strange ads for the next couple of days if you repeatedly search for the density of dog poop.

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