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Ryan Seacrest's Empire: Can an Idol Be a Mogul? -

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Earlier this year, Mr. Seacrest secured a $300 million private-equity war chest from Bain Capital and Thomas H. Lee Partners to start making acquisitions. At the same time, Clear Channel Communications Inc. took a minority stake in Mr. Seacrest's production company.

Having taken the much-maligned reality television genre to new levels of notoriety (he's the man behind the Kardashians and the recently debuted "Married to Jonas"), Mr. Seacrest is turning his sights to producing comedies, dramas and game shows for television. He's also become a presence on Hollywood studio lots, negotiating movies including "Food Fight," a "School of Rock"-style comedy about a chef sentenced to work at a school who revamps their lunch program.

He hangs out with entertainment bigwigs like Jeffrey Katzenberg (CEO of DreamWorks Animation) and Robert Pittman (Clear Channel's CEO). And he's backing a live-entertainment channel that debuted last month: AXS (pronounced "access").

I'm sorry, did you say Bain Capital?!

Everything truly is interconnected.

I believe in the interconnectedness of all things. ... for each of us is a thread critical to the strength—to the very survival of the human tapestry.

Yes but a Mitt Romney to American Idol connection?

That's one wormhole I just didn't see coming.

I think what struck me the most is how many viewers one man television and radio every week; 15m through TV, 20m through radio. One man, on radio, for four hours daily has "20m weekly active users."

Yes, he has an amazing live audience in an era of micro programming.

I'm still fully convinced that the alien who inhabited Dick Clark's body has jumped to Seacrest.... like the Goa'uld on Stargate.

Or like Seven of Nine in Star Trek...

In addition to hosting American Idol, Ryan Seacrest appears 7 days a week on E!, hosts a daily radio show from 5 to 10 A.M., appears on the Today show, runs a television production company.

Oh, and he's also raising a child.


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