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Android Commercial: Friends Furever Ad

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Cute use of the a Robin Hood song but I'm not sure what it has to do with Android. 

Found this in the Reddit comments:

orangutan hugging dog passes out gif Imgur high monkey android friends forever

Fun subreddit:

yeah, the orangutan falling is totes adorbs!!

That must be why they saved it for last in the video!

police hello gentlemen how are you feeling today meme Imgur

reddit is so fun and weird.

Some parts of it are.

Other parts are disgusting and/or misogynistic, so it helps to stay in the good subreddits.

i only go there when pandawhale directs me, so i'm probably safe from the gross stuff.  truth is, i don't fully understand it.  (...or misogyny!)

Yeah, you're safe, I only provide good links. 

I don't understand misogyny either. Everyone had a mother, right?

yeah!  i do think about that when i see misogyny in action.  what about your mother?!?

as my little son says: mom, i wuv you because you MADE me with your body!

I guess not everyone had good experiences with their mothers. 

i guess not.

that's when adorable cuddly animals enter the scene and fix broken hearts!!

Yes, it's hard to stay angry with adorable cuddly animals milling about.