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Raccoon Climbs Labrador Dog gif

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Raccoon Climbs Labrador Dog gif:

3 million views on Imgur?!

Imgur comments:

Reddit comments say labs don't give a shit about anything:

From the raccoons are awesome collection:

i want a pet raccoon so bad!!!

Can raccoons be pets? Or are they too naturally wild?

Android Friends Furever commercial is super cute:

that commercial is so dang cute!

and i think you can have raccoons as pets, but i imagine they can get into the fridge and pantry too easily!

True, they're a little too clever and their hands work a little too well.

I'd imagine they'd be very mischievous!

haha!  yes.  those little hands look like they could get into a lot of trouble!

Well, you know what they say about idle hands...

Dogs really don't care.

kitten jumps on dog gif imgur tumblr dog don't give a fuck

this one cracks me up!  i love the cat's pinwheel move!

Yes, that cat has a power move! :)

kitten attacks dog gif imgur tumblr dog dont give a damn shit

kitten snuggles pug gif imgur tumblr dont give a damn fuck

I like the part when the cat says HEEEEEEEEY...

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