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Some Beck Morning Phase vs Beyonce statistics for Kanye

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Number of individuals credited on the album (excluding the artist). Beyonce: 74, Morning Phase: 15.

Number of Producers. Beyonce: 16, Morning Phase: 1.

Number of instruments (not vocals) performed by the artist on the album. Beyonce: 0, Morning Phase: 15.

No worries, I won't be seeing beck at the MTV music awards.  it looks like the better collaborator is Beyoncé, but with 16 producers, should she be the singular winner of the "album of the year" award when she was one of over a dozen artists who had a hand in mastering the album?  I feel a little like giving the award to Beyoncé would be tantamount to giving Ronald McDonald the award for chef of the year because he served more burgers than anyone else.

They 're all just setting up for a Beck/Beyonce collaboration.  They are so transparent.

Haha Kanye brings people together. 

Good point about Beyoncé collaborating. 

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