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Better Call Saul season 1 episode 2 s1e2 "Mijo" gifs and memes

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Previously on Better Call Saul:

Best line from this episode:

"I just talked you down from a death sentence to six months' probation. I am the best lawyer."

Heaven and Hell episode 2 cinematography:

Better Call Saul Heaven and Hell Cinematography meme Tuco Jimmy Better Call Saul s1e2 Mijo Imgur

This makes me think of something TV tropes calls Red Oni, Blue Oni.

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Miriam Colon, the actress who plays abuelita, in 1962:

young Miriam Colon hot actress who plays abuelita 1962 Better Call Saul s1e2 meme Imgur

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Rhea Seehorn plays Kim, the smoking woman from episode 1:

Rhea Seehorn hot Kim Better Call Saul meme s1e2 Imgur

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Rhea Seehorn on Saul Goodman's epic acid-trip commercial:

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