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Paul Ryan Marathon Time

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The above link is to the Paul Ryan Marathon Calculator:

It calculates your "Paul Ryan Marathon Time" based on Paul Ryan's known marathon time (4:01:25) and the time he claimed ("two hour and fifty-something", which we average at 2:55).

Given these two times, Ryan reduced his time by 27.5%, so that's what we do to your time! And if you're wondering why this matters at all, Michael Cohen and Paul Krugman both do a great job putting Ryan's marathon claims into proper context.

Paul Ryan claims he ran a marathon in "Two-fitty". He works out.

King Joffrey approves of Paul Ryan's marathon story. They smile alike.

tumblr_m9u8k7eC061r4rrd1o2_r1_250.jpg tumblr_m9u8k7eC061r4rrd1o1_r1_250.jpg

Lyin' Ryan the marathon man! Run, Ryan Run!


Paul Ryan makes up fitness numbers but you can still believe his budget numbers.




Paul Ryan fish story sounds fishy, too.


Mr. Ryan, a whale is not a fish.

I mean, it's not like Paul Ryan lies about anything important.

Mother of God, can Paul Ryan open his mouth without lying???


Off by 1.35 million is not a rounding error.

Off by 1.35 million is pure, unadulterated, Pants-en-Fuego.

The RNC is VERY quick with the slogans. I'll give them that.


BREAKING: Paul Ryan Gives First-hand Account of Killing Bin Laden

Tom, I laughed out loud at that! :)

Paul Ryan is the guy at the bar who keeps telling you he could "probably" beat Usain Bolt in a race, "if I was in better shape." Paul Ryan climbed 40 mountains, you know.

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