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This Century-Old Map of Hershey Headquarters Is Pretty Sweet

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Chocolate without vomit for all!

"Because I take the elementary school-approach to Valentine's Day—sweets for all!—the Hershey Company, one of America's oldest chocolate-makers, tends to supply me. They're responsible for an astoundingly long list of choco-varietals manufactured on the cheap (probably thanks to their high butyric acid content, which stabilizes milk fermentation... and also gives human vomit its recognizable smell). And their candy is still made largely in the town of Hershey, Pennsylvania.

While putting off my annual chocolate run to CVS, I encountered a set of Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of Hershey Co.'s eponymous town, also known as "Chocolatetown, USA," circa 1915. (For more on the significance of Sanborn Maps, see Tanvi Misra's October 2014 post.)"

I may be missing the point here. She goes to CVS to buy chocolate?

Just once a year.

Not Target? Or Walmart? Or the Supermarket?

Okay, it's cute that you have not shopped in a CVS!  

*  There's a CVS on every corner.

*  CVS excels at holiday promotions.  Promotional items are usually placed near the cash registers so you won't be distracted by other items.

*  They have a righteous selection, especially of cheap chocolate.

*  And frequent sales.

*  You can park near the door; you're in and out in a blink.  There is no waiting.

I guess I just don't think of them when I think of chocolate.

You're saying their prices are competitive with Walmart, Target, Costco, Supermarkets, etc.?

Much competitive.   So specials.

Probably even better on February 15!

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