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Obama's Energy Plan

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Bigger version is on the White House Website.

Under Obama, the U.S. has decreased dependence on foreign oil.

That increased production did not lower gas prices, however.

Meanwhile, global oil consumption is rising. While the U.S. barely uses more oil than in 1995, India's oil consumption is up 75% and China's consumption has more than doubled.

More domestic drilling will never meet our energy needs.

We need an all-of-the-above approach.

Interesting thing about 'proven' oil reserves. These numbers are usually _stated_ oil reserves put out by the governments in question. It's widely believed the Saudis are lying their asses off concerning their reserves, as part of a large scale bluff against potential rivals within OPEC. Both Russia and China consider their reserve figures a state secret, while our figures do not include the multitude of areas where prospect drilling is banned. In any case, with the price of oil as high as it is, it is not in anyone's interest to be honest about their own reserves.

Good point.

Now more than ever oil independence is important to our future.

There is absolutely no economic issue more vital than energy independence. All other economic (and related societal) issues are dependent upon access to cheap and abundant energy.

Energy is the single most talked about agenda & concern for all nations.

And yet, there is not much consensus even now about what is best for the future.

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