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How Jen Selter Gave Her Mom A Body As Enviable As Hers: Genetics plus Jenetics

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Yahoo explains:

Jen Selter, 21, became famous when she began posting photos of her toned backside on Instagram back in May 2012. Since then she — or should we say, her butt — has raked in more than 5 million followers, and Selter has become an international celebrity and fitness spokesmodel. 

But, it wasn’t another enviable photo of her derrière that caught the attention of millions this week; it was a snap of her mom, more importantly her mom’s body. 

At 47, Jill Selter has an almost identical body to her daughter 26 years her junior and credits this transformation to hard work and personal training by her daughter.

Jen Selter hot ass booty yoga pants balancing football on her butt Imgur

One of Jen Selter’s famous butt photos. (Photo: Jen Selter / Instagram) 

Like her famous daughter, Jill didn’t always have the healthiest lifestyle. “I was ‘skinny fat’ – skinny on the outside but on the inside had very poor eating habits and had no motivation to go to the gym,” she tells Yahoo Health. “I never had a balanced meal, was always snacking on chocolate Goobers throughout the day and eating late at night.”

Mama Selter has an Instagram acount, too:

hot mama Selter Jill bikini fitspo Imgur

Mama Selter Instagram:

Jen Selter Instagram:

Here's the pic of Jen Selter and her mom that's been making the rounds on Reddit:

Jen Selter hot 47 year old mother Jill Selter bikini fitspo Imgur

200 Reddit comments:

Jen Selter hot 47 year old mother Jill Selter yoga pants Imgur


Jen Selter hot ass workout gif Imgur Barstool Sports yoga pants squats


Jen Selter's grandma:

Jen Selter hot grandma gilf Imgur

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