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What’s it like to win? — Medium

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What is an irreversible victory? If Iraq sits as a prime example of a reversible victory, what constitutes an irreversible strategic victory? War, viewed as a means to a political end, should create a better, lasting peace than the state at which war began. A critical component to generating the right formula for a strategic victory is defining the strategic end state or set of conditions that armed conflict will help bring about. Without a clearly defined strategic end state, tactical and operational successes will not add up to their intended result and American Soldiers will be doomed — as Sisyphus was by the Greek gods — to come ever so close to victory without actually achieving it.

The last group of U.S. Soldiers to experience an irreversible victory was those who fought in Panama during Operation Just Cause. Yes, the first Gulf War was a victory at the time — there is no denying that. Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen who participated in that campaign undoubtedly felt extreme pride about what they accomplished. But one has to think that perhaps some of that chest-swelling pride faded over time as U.S. Forces invaded Iraq in 2003, and certainly in light of recent events in Iraq. Is Operation Just Cause the last true American military triumph? Perhaps.

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