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Meanwhile, Sisyphus Cat keeps pushing the watermelon...

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A cat. Pushing a watermelon. In a lake.

There's some decent speculation in my Facebook thread on what this picture is about.

There's also some good answers on my Pinterest pin of this photo.

This picture dates back to at least 2008:


lmao How did this happen? I want to know!

I'm guessing photoshop but I still have not found a good origin story for this photo.

We may never know. :(

The earliest photo of him that I can find in Google Image Search is December 2007 on Flickr:


It's possible he originated on LiveJournal:


Doesn't look like PS to me guys... (I moonlight as a photog :) ) .. but I could be wrong..

Maybe the cat looks angry because it's actually in that lake?

maybe he's angry because someone put his giant watermelon in the lake ?

Good point, Louise. I'd be angry if someone put my watermelon in the lake, too.

Angry birds, watermelon edition!


had I been drinking tea Adam, you would have made me spit it out :)

Angry Watermelons?

haha The Angry Birds watermelon boat is awesome!

I asked my artist friend about that photo. She said it isn't photoshopped... The mystery continues!

Aha! Another clue!!


made my day!

Oh, so that's why they call it a WATER melon. :)

Iron Chef cat watermelon

Apparently some cats like to EAT watermelon!

Cats Eating Watermelon - PandaWhale

Others just play with their watermelon.

Cats Eating Watermelon - PandaWhale

Another day, another cat with watermelon.

Cats on watermelons and cats with flowers. - Imgur

Meanwhile, Karate Cat is destroying a watermelon:

Karate watermelon cat gif


He's the ultimate fruit ninja!!

Dies ist MEINE wassermelone!!!


Intel meme this cat is pushing a watermelon out of a lake imgur tumblr

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