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Should Sci-Fi Fans Support Bad Movies Like Jupiter Ascending?

Should Sci Fi Fans Support Bad Movies Like Jupiter Ascending WIRED


The critical and commercial mauling of Jupiter Ascending, a $176 million sci-fi film from Andy and Lana Wachowski, creators of The Matrix, has some people worried that studios will now be even more hesitant about greenlighting big-budget sci-fi projects that aren’t part of an established franchise. WIRED’s own Angela Watercutter has encouraged people to see the film, and author Matt London has taken to Facebook to drum up support for the movie.


“The only thing that Hollywood understands is money,” London says in Episode 138 of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. “And so if we as a community ignore projects like this—like Cloud Atlas—we won’t see more of them.”

But science fiction editor John Joseph Adams refuses to be guilt-tripped into buying tickets for a film he’s sure he’ll hate.

“I really rebel against this idea of supporting something even if we think it’s bad, because we think Hollywood will magically somehow make more movies that are actually good now,” Adams says.

He argues that when bad movies succeed, it only encourages studios to churn out more of the same, and also empowers mediocre filmmakers at the expense of more promising talents.

Watercutter acknowledges this concern, but still thinks that supporting original sci-fi does more good than harm, since many creators benefit from a film’s success, not just those directly responsible for it.

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