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Natalie Dormer Brits on Brits black like my heart gif

natalie dormer black like my heart gif Imgur hot brits on brits vanity fair

2 million views on Imgur?!

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Source is Brits on Brits:

That Vanity Fair Brits on Brits video also has Felicity Jones, Keira Knightley, and Dominic West.

Best parts of the Natalie Dormer part of that interview...

Q: What's your favorite British junk food?

A: Probably be a fish finger sandwich.

Q: How do you take your tea?

A: Black like my heart.

Q: Who's your favorite all-time James Bond?

A: I would be a Sean Connery girl, but with a little bit of Timothy Dalton.

Natalie Dormer hot finger fish sandwich gif gfycat Imgur vanity fair brits on brits interview

Natalie Dormer finger fish sandwich gif:

Thank you Victoriana92 for these gifs:

natalie dormer finger fish sandwich gif imgur tumblr brits on brits

natalie dormer black like my heart gif imgur tumblr brits on brits

"Black like my heart."

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