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Owl hat - GIF on Imgur

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Oh god, what is that?!? Oh, I am pleased.

     I think it was more like "Aww yiss, scratches!... Wait, what?"

          To me it looked like "This is my life now"

Ha! Those wide eyes!

kissing owl what gif Imgur

Do owls like petting?

petting fluffy baby owl gif Imgur Tumblr

Aww yiss!!

Owls are really good for Aww Yiss.

Things I want now thanks to PandaWhale that I did not want last week:  A pet owl, a pet snail, a baby otter.  And a piglet.  But still no on ferrets!

Sounds like you'll have the start of a fun children's zoo.

If no ferrets, how about a stoat?

Are stoats ferrets?

No, ferrets and stoats are not the same but they both belong to the same family as otters: Mustelidae

I would not be opposed to a pygmy goat!

jumping goat gif

Those pygmy goats seem like jerks. :)

I'm sticking the stoat in my otter stash!

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