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7 Cities That Are Starting To Go Car-Free

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I'm already a bike and transit person, so I don't need to be convinced of the benefits of the car-free city -- but the thing that is striking about these photos is how BEAUTIFUL the cities are without cars. You can really look at the architecture, the people, the public art from any angle you please... because you don't have to worry about being hit by a car.

So even when there are self-driving cars these cities won't have them?

Helsinki - I want to move there right away.

Milan and Copenhagen could use some trees...

Why Helsinki? The cost of living?

Of the cities represented here, yes.

But living in Europe is still super expensive compared with Florida, right?

Chengdu, home of the Pandas!

A new satellite city planned in Southwest China could serve as a model for a modern suburb: Instead of a layout that makes it necessary to drive, the streets are designed so any location can be reached by 15 minutes on foot.

The plans, designed by Chicago-based architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill, don't call for completely banning cars, but only half of the road area will allow motorized vehicles. The city will also connect to the larger, nearby city of Chengdu with public transit. Out of an expected population of 80,000 people, most will be able to walk to work in local neighborhoods. The project was originally planned for completion in 2020, but that may be delayed—it's currently on hold because of zoning issues.

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