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The Yellow Tail Story: How Two Families Turned Australia Into America's Biggest Wine Brand

The Yellow Tail Story How Two Families Turned Australia Into America s Biggest Wine Brand VinePair


In order to succeed in the U.S., Yellow Tail had to be easy to understand. “The thinking was to create a certain level of simplicity. We wanted to give the consumers what they wanted,” said Deutsche. This meant creating a wine that went down as easily as grape juice. According to Deutsche, “when a wine is under $10 most consumers don’t want to fight with it, they want something fruit forward, that’s ripe, delicious and soft on the palette. So many wines from established regions tell the consumer what they should like, but we just wanted to give them what they wanted.”

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I like the taste of their wines but I never cared for the label, logo, or branding. 

Kangaroo wine is a strange branding, you know?

simple coloring is very recognizable. 

Yellow is fine but Tail does not connote wine and neither does Kangaroo.

Nonetheless, they're selling like crazy so what do I know?

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