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Microbrew Maps: Get Your (Good) Beer Here

Microbrew Maps Get Your Good Beer Here WIRED


The beer trip planner on Brewery Map is a great feature. It uses the Google directions API to plot a line between the two points. “We take that, plot it on a map and do some crazy map math to calculate a shape all around the line,” Austin said. Then they use the BreweryDB API to search for breweries within that shape and fill them in on the map.

As much as I love this feature, it would be even better if it let you suss out alternate routes by clicking and dragging the line like you can in Google maps. How awesome would it be to drag the line around and find the route that takes you through the most or the most highly-rated craft breweries? Then I could easily plot a southern route from New York to L.A. to check out those rising breweries in Tennessee and Texas, or chart out a meandering drive from San Francisco up to the fantastic Russian River Brewing Company in Santa Rosa, hitting a couple other spots along the way.

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LOL at the concept of a "Beer Trip Planner" ... That is so American!

I do love that someone is maintaining a BreweryDB.

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