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penn and teller -- recycling is bullshit

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i must admit, every time i stand at those bins, sorting out trash and folding up cardboard, a little voice tells me i am wasting my time and energy.

uh oh.

You can take this video with some skepticism...

That said, though it's not a great use if your time, recycling doesn't hurt anyone.

phew.  because no matter how much i think it's pointless, i can't seem to stop doing it!  :)

Even better: if it makes you feel good then net net it's a positive.

But yeah, not a great use of your time. 

the thing is: it doesn't make me feel good!  it makes me feel like i'm working for free.

Oh. Then stop. Not a good use of your time.

thanks, adam!  i'm off the hook!

"welcome to the dark side..."

Welcome to the economic side, where everything is a tradeoff!

I've been saying it's bullshit for years. Basically we shouldn't think of garbage dumps as GARBAGE... we should think of them as MINES for the future, when they invent those Replicators they have in Star Trek.

Or when they invent Wall-E!

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