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NCAA College Basketball Bracket 2015 with Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight, and John Oliver

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Whatever.  I'm calling Oklahoma for the Final four.  

Will Northern Florida win its First Four game vs Robert Morris?

:)  Did you mean University of North Florida?  Of course the Ospreys will dominate.

Yes, UNF. Is that a different university than Northern Florida?!

Technically there is no Northern Florida U.  But who cares - we're going to the Big Dance!

I'm surprised any Florida university put North in its name!

Does First Four count as Big Dance? I guess so -- you even have a chance at winning that game!

Look out for as in avoid?  Oklahoma is a three seed.  Intriguing.


Winning a conference tournament means almost nothing in terms of NCAA tournament success. In fact, it actually seems to hurt: Somehow, you’re better off winning nothing than just the conference tourney. Maybe tourney champs tire themselves out, but whatever the reason, those are the trendy teams you need to avoid. Regular-season conference championships, on the other hand, are a far better predictor of success.

Yeah, Grantland explains why most Final Four teams are 1 or 2 seeds.

And yeah, conference tourney winners seem to always do poorly in the NCAA tournament. 

Now, who's going to be the sweet 16 surprise?

Best possible seed 2 for Gonzaga. Early round in Seattle and the the opposite side of the bracket from Kentucky. 

Virginia snubbed a number 1 seed but has a 2 without having to face Kentucky or Duke in the top 8.

The parity is over. Kentucky's road to 40-0:

Kentucky road to 40-0 odds probability winning NCAA Men's Tournament Forecast: The Parity Is Over | FiveThirtyEight

Read about it:

There's a winner in here somewhere.

2015 bracket NCAA basketball tournament Imgur Business Insider

Odds-on favorite is Kentucky, the first undefeated team since Indiana in 1976.

I know, Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky.  Some people like Arizona but I like the long bets.  

Nate Silver says Oklahoma only 8% chance for Final Four.

That's why I like them.

So you're saying there's a chance...

Is gambler another name for risk taker?

Maybe.  "Unpopular picks are worth more" - now they're talking!

Worth more because you're more likely to lose your money betting on them! :)

I'm not stupid!  I only ever lose my shirts.

For what it's worth Duke ended up beating Wisconsin in the finals.

No Kentucky.

You see John Oliver on the NCAA?

Not yet ...

He points out the hypocrisy of not paying the players anything, not even food.

Watching it right now.  Wow.  

Can you find the "Fuck You" cat poster?

Ha! And yeah he makes an excellent point that everyone BUT the athletes get paid.

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