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Made a new relaxing gif to help your little nervs - GIF on Imgur

Video source:

I can make you one on demand:

- give me a video background

- a short text

- a font, or a style you want


Stashed in: Meditate, Best gifv

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Gifv link:

The gif is too big for PW, I get an error, I can't display it. : (

Someday we will support gifv.

Also someday we will support youtube shortcuts but for now only links convert.

Great gif, by the way.

i'm so happy to see these 60-minute videos of life being alive exist!  i've been wanting to make something like this.  and also drives, beautiful drives through mountains and by oceans...

and, of course, gifs.  goes without saying!

Yeah, it seems like one of the better uses of youtube. And gifs of course!

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