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Jamie Oliver showed us how the Americans, British, and French prepare scrambled eggs... This is Tamagoyaki, the Japanese Omelet take.

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Jamie Oliver's scrambled eggs video:

Jamie Oliver's omelet video:

3-egg french omelet:

The most awesome Omurice in Kichi2, Kyoto Japan:

Omurice is a fluffy egg omelet upside down served on top of fried rice with demiglaze:

Something strangely satisfying and meditative about this video (the Tamagoyaki). The final product does not seem as appetizing and Jamie's scrambled eggs though 

I was thinking the same thing! Why is that?

Partly the music and partly the precision with which he makes the omelette. From the pressing it into a perfect rectangle, how he re-oils the pan all the way to the fact that he cooks the second layer of eggs without taking the first layer out of the pan. It's beautiful.

Haha, I like it! 

I think you're right about the beauty of the Tamagoyaki. I watched it again. Mesmerizing.

At 57 seconds, he flips the first omelette with perfect timing with the soundtrack. Each omelette is made of a precise weight of egg mixture. How he has all operations perfectly timed, the fact that while the omelette's are cooking on one side of the pan he has time to comprehensively oil the other side of the pan.

I'm now more than mesmerized - I am obsessed.

This really is a good video - there is so much quality here, I think I am going to start using this as a business training video on quality and operational excellence.

Sweet! I do believe in the interconnectedness of all things, you know. :)

At 1m13s, he dips the rag in the oil and dabs the first pan with the excess oil, then moves over to the third to grease it, then second and back to the first. This ensured that A) the first pan could be oiled without having to go back to the pot of oil and B) the rag didn't drip as he moves over to the third.

Which tells me that I really need to stop watching this video, otherwise I am going to write the Tamagoyaki Cliff Notes.

Tamagoyaki Cliff Notes would be a good thing! Go on...

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