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Boston Dynamics robot animals might give Battlestar Galactica fans night terrors

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Big Dog getting a lot of press atm.

I might have a nightmare about this. Scary looking!

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You're right, it's getting a lot of press!

From San Jose Mercury News:

"Big Dog" — officially known as the Legged Squadron Support System — underwent the latest in a series of trials by the US Marine Corps to see if a robotic pack mule could successfully be integrated in the field.

The robot has been designed by Massachusetts company Boston Dynamics, to follow soldiers and Marines on foot over a variety of terrains. It can carry up to 400 pounds of equipment over 20 miles without refuelling. It can either follow a leader using computer vision or travel to designated locations using GPS and other sensors.

Big Dog might also serve as a mobile auxiliary power source to the squad, allowing soldiers to recharge batteries for radios and handheld devices while on patrol.

The robot will be refined and regularly tested over two years. It will eventually be embedded with marines conducting exercises in the field. By that time, Big Dog's developers say, their beast should be able to follow verbal commands. If it frightens the enemy into submission as well, that's an added bonus.

I'm glad the Big Dog is on our side...

I need a small one of these for camping...

So right! There's the consumer market!

I love the consumer market!

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