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Andragy | The Personal is STILL Political

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Anne Marie Slaughter's debate stirring piece.

Atlantic article:

"In short, the minute I found myself in a job that is typical for the vast majority of working women (and men), working long hours on someone else’s schedule, I could no longer be both the parent and the professional I wanted to be—at least not with a child experiencing a rocky adolescence. I realized what should have perhaps been obvious: having it all, at least for me, depended almost entirely on what type of job I had. The flip side is the harder truth: having it all was not possible in many types of jobs, including high government office—at least not for very long."

Ouch. That HAS to change:

"What we discovered in our research is that while the empowerment part of the equation has been loudly celebrated, there has been very little honest discussion among women of our age about the real barriers and flaws that still exist in the system despite the opportunities we inherited."

Issues needs saying regularly by high achieving professionals - otherwise we all think it was just us/our choice/our problem.

So basically, we have to keep repeating ourselves until enough people realize it to demand change?

change what? the number of hours in a day?

Life is full of choices. "Having it all" is usually not one of them.


Oddly enough, the number of hours in the day is entirely a choice!

Also, gender is far more than just a #firstworldproblem - we are just addressing one manifestation of the hydra - not everyone has work/life balance issues either but it's still relevant to a lot of people.

Every day I remind myself that...

I can do anything; I just can't do everything.

timely :)

Well, and I also remind myself it's important to do something.