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Eminem Mom's Spaghetti Comes Once in a Lifetime mashup video

The original is on YTMND:

There's also this:

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Spaghetti comes once in a lifetime? Shoot, Detroit is even worse than I thought.

Reddit comments:

this video had me giggling the whole way through!

"mom's spaghetti, it's ready."

"there's vomit on his mom's spaghetti."

"mom, i love you but this vomit has got to go."

still giggling...

I know, it's surprising how well this video turned out.

The video below on why Eminem is a great lyricist explains why the spaghetti remix works so well.

The Mom's Spaghetti video stands up to multiple watches. Surprisingly good!

I also like the Weird Al version, called "Couch Potato" :

Why Eminem is such a great lyricist:

i knew my fascination with eminem was not without reason.  ;)

this rhyming lesson is really informative, actually.  this guy knows his rhyme schemes!

Lose Yourself rhymes almost every word in the song??

And Every Breath You Take is a creepy song?!

The more you know...

so creepy!  i don't even want to hear it in my head now.  i feel like my own stalker!

The good thing about music is that we can interpret it the way we want to.

But I know what you mean. If people knew this was the intention it would not have become a hit!

Dave Chappelle does 8 Mile:

The original Lose Yourself:

Eminem is a poet and he totally knows it.

i wonder how much poetry eminem has read?  did he really say his work is "as fat as robert browning"?  i'm thinking maybe a lot.

how amazing for this trailer park kid to use his poetry this way—the only way, really, for him to get his poetry out there.

He really did say his work is as far as Robert Browning. 

He's much smarter than most people realize. 

And yeah, poetry was the way out of a land in where spaghetti comes once in a lifetime. 

Geege will like the Reddit comments:

Eminem moms spaghetti gif imgur ASL lose yourself

Some more ASL Mom's Spaghetti gifs:

I should break this out to its own page, shouldn't I?


Will do when I get an opportunity.

From those Imgur comments:

never forghetti moms spaghetti meme Imgur eminem lose yourself

I ALWAYS enjoy the Reddit comments!

"You pastard."

I also liked this from The Guardian piece:

If we don't accuse Browning of misogyny and incitement to violence here, we should extend Eminem the same courtesy. We shouldn't fall into the trap of Stan himself, who tells Slim: "See, everything you say is real, and I respect you 'cause you tell it."

Ooooh! Way to turn Eminem's own words against him!

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