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Eminem Lose Yourself in ASL American Sign Language

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To save this post, select a stash from drop-down menu or type in a new one: I know how to do sign "Mom's spaghetti" in ASL.

i like how fierce she looks, but i questioned how much signing she was actually doing. when i shared it with my niece who signs, she said this:

"That was probably the most annoying thing I have ever watched. There are times when if we don't have a sign for a word we either finger spell or make an obvious sign but she is literally doing charades!"

hahaha!  :)

I liked this explanation in Reddit:

Think her "dance" adds a lot to it! :) or is that sign language for the rhythm?

Probably helps the deaf with the rhythm/pacing of the song

It is a little bit of both to be honest.

I only took 3 semesters of ASL in college, but signing isn't just about conveying the message, it's also about conveying the mood and emotions that go along with that message.

It's easy for those of us hearing folk to not notice this in everyday life because our voices carry those little hints such as anger, annoyance, or sarcasm. The way that exists in ASL is using facial expressions and body movement.

Honestly, one of the hardest parts about the class was realizing you were not just signing, but you were also acting in a sense.

EDIT: One thing I'd like to add is that any deaf person will tell you the bass is incredibly important is keeping the rhythm of the song.

This is a pretty famous finnish deaf rapper. His music is actually really cool and this is one of my favorite songs.

That Finnish deaf rapper is awesome!

Emily I didn't realize how much the original rapper makes up like charades!

She's so confident I thought she was legit. 

so did i.  maybe i should have kept the charades comment to myself.  now i've gone and ruined it!

but the finnish rapper makes it all worth it.  thanks, geege!  :)

How does that deaf Finnish rapper keep the rhythm of the song?? Amazing!

And now to go from the sublime to the ridiculous: Anaconda ASL:

I like this Cee Lo ASL better:

No worries, EKM!  

The deaf Finnish rapper can feel the vibrations.

Watched the deaf Finnish rapper again. He's def!

Fast part of Rap God, anyone?

Some more ASL Mom's Spaghetti gifs:

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