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Most Expensive-Looking Cake Ever Made With 24 Baby Carrots

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I was expecting a magic way of making it look like gold with basic ingredients but nope, it's just classic edible gold leaf.

So disappointed!

Is... is there a way to make it look like gold out of basic ingredients?

I dunno, I had great expectations.

With great expectations come great disappointment. :)

You never disappointed me. <3

The thick gold-colored fondant layer is pretty genius.  

Geege, I think that's a trick taken from Ace of Cakes!


batman live long enough to become the villain meme

Are you gonna die? : (

I aspire to live long enough to become a villain! :)

adam, you'll always be a hero.

(oce, you crack me up!)

this bromance is so beautiful...

Yeah I like that Oce chose an ocelot for his avatar. Pandas love ocelots!

The video is pretty darn watchable:

i like where you stashed this, geege.  luxury, indeed!

this is for cake pros.

I know, I'm exhausted just looking at the set of ingredients. 

haha!  exactly.

Some people have endless energy for such projects. We call such people "children".


srsly, amirite ?

well, yes... or pastry chefs!

Pastry chefs are the children of the culinary world?


speaking as someone who is more child than adult, the only thing i really enjoy cooking is dessert!

And so many to choose from!

you have a whole STASH for DESSERTS?!?

i knew i liked you for good reason...

I have a whole stash for chocolate and a whole stash for pies too.

omg!  stop!!!  <3  <3  <3

Delicious carrot cake recipe WITHOUT the gold plate gimmick:

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