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Suntory Whisky Carved the World's Most Incredible Ice Cube

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Geez, all that effort to carve ice. Who has time for that??

Purveyors of fine whisky who wish to raise brand awareness!

Are they 3D printed?? I want a 3D ice cube printer!!

Not exactly ...

The agency used what's called a CNC router (and a process that's kind of inverse 3-D printing) to carve the designs, which ranged from the Statue of Liberty to the Sphinx to Batman and everything in between. (There even appears to be, perhaps presciently, a Cannes Lion in the mix.)

3d printed ice cubes whisky suntory ice cubes-16.jpg

Miwako Fujiwara of TBWA\Hakuhodo said the CNC router was chilled at -7 degrees Celsiusto keep the ice from melting. The agency used an app called Autodesk 123D to capture the 3-D images and prep them for printing. "A touch of chilled whiskey polishes the surface of the ice and gives a beautiful shine to the sculpture," Fujiwara added.

So it's like carving ice sculptures with a chainsaw? Nice!

Still I gotta believe consumers would buy a 3D ice printer. 

I just realized Suntory whisky was in that Bill Murray movie Lost in Translation. 

I don't think I want anything with paws in my drinkies.

Okay no Sphinx's but how about a Statue of Liberty?

Some people will pay $8 for an ice cube.

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