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▶ Neil deGrasse Tyson - Reason & Faith are Irreconcilable

Source: YouTube Video

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So I can't have both faith and reason?

I think at some point, on some questions, if you have faith, it means you don't want to have reason for that part.

There are some religious scientists, for me they choose not to use reason on some aspects of their own philosophy and that's where they have their faith.

Perhaps the religious scientists have faith in all the things science hasn't yet explained?

Perhaps they have faith that the laws of science are divine?

Replacing scientific ignorance with faith is a problem, how will you find the new cause of something unexplained if your answer is "it's like that because God made it like that" as religions do (or used to)?

Where it's potentially compatible is answering questions science don't really take into account.

Mostly the "why" questions (scientists prefer the "how"): Why are we here? Why us? Why now? etc...

Ah, that's a good reconciliation! Faith focuses on why and science focuses on how. 

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