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Scientists resurrect the Brontosaurus name with a bit of bone magic

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Brontosaurus was de-commissioned and now has been re-commissioned.

So those of us who haven't been paying attention don't have to re-learn anything.

Sweet, one upvote for laziness!

So what about T-Rex and Triceratops? Can they be dinosaurs now too please?

By the way, brontosaurus means... THUNDER LIZARD!

This article originally stated that "Brontosaurus" meant "noble thunder lizard." It doesn't — Brontosaurus means "thunder lizard;" Brontosaurus excelsus, the animal's full name, means "noble thunder lizard."

Thank you.  I needed a conversation icebreaker and this is it!

You're very welcome! For fun here's 1000 Reddit comments on the brontosaurus name change:

This is what scientists get for being too OCD:

Although the first Brontosaurus was classified in 1879 by famed paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh, later evaluations in 1903 by one Elmer Riggs suggested that the dinosaur was actually just a younger specimen of the closely related Apatosaurus. The confusion, claimed Riggs, was in the number of bones attaching the tail to the spinal cord. But a new analysis shows that this correction was probably incorrect.

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