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Cruelty free iphone 5

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❝ Showing how the entire device is made. Lightly textured back and chamfered edge. Showing robots manufacturing the iPhone. ❞

lol, no humans committed suicide during the manufacturing of this phone.

Whoops, just kidding! Knife go in, guts come out...


Oh man. This is so so wrong.

I'm losing my love of Apple devices again...

That's such a sad statement, Dave.

Apple really never talked about the problem of how their stuff gets made, did they?

I'd pay extra for a cruelty-free iPhone.

I think it's deceitful in their reveal of the iphone 5 today that robots do the manufacturing.

Apparently paying workers $2/day for some of the tasks is still more cost effective.

That's awful.

Is the only way to show them we care, to not buy the products?

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