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iOS6 and first world problems.

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The maps are fine; and if you really can't figure out that you're in Berlin, how to take a route in the NYC subway, or where Kiev is you probably have other problems. The fact people are clueless with navigation skils without a smartphone really does beg the question, what on earth did they do before they had one? I still keep an atlas in the trunk when I drive, because when things go badly, the Atlas is better in a pinch than a battery-powered, cell-enabled device.

The technology cognoscenti, per usual, are not understanding the average consumer.

Apple Maps in iOS6 is actually an User Interface improvement over the last iteration, even if their data is not as flawless as before; if you've ever used a TomTom GPS, it should be no surprise that Google Maps data is better.

Instead of focusing on the improvements in iOS6, folks are incessantly complaining about what they don't like.

The best advice I've ever received: focus on the blessings, not on the problems. Focus on what Apple has improved in iOS6 (can now add images/video in-line to photos, which I really appreciate; they've added a clock app, better designed icons, et. al). If not...

Criticize by creating, for after all, we are entrepreneurs.


We're so used to every step being a step up.

Taking a step backwards with Apple Maps is a hard pill to swallow.

Well played, Google. You have us all hungering for Google Maps as an iOS app.

People are finding edge cases. If I had written about every thing google maps has gotten wrong over the years, I could write a magazine article too.

Also, my greater point is that it seems a step back to the insiders, but is it really a step backwards? iOS 6 has been out for one day for most people. I sincerely doubt that 99% of iPhone users would consider it a step back.

I'm going to hold off on upgrading for now.

I like my Google Maps that much.

Plus when I "upgraded" from iOS 4 to iOS 5 IT LOST ALL MY FOLDERS.

Why do I suspect that will happen again?

Not quite there yet. First two tries gave: corrupt download.

Wait a week and try again?

 The answer is: they didn't travel. 

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