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Bob Ross painted a beautiful black and white landscape on his show to prove that "anyone can paint" in response to a colorblind caller...

Bob Ross anyone can paint quote Imgur colorblind meme

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Top Reddit comment: "bob ross's kindness was like his hair: uninhibited in every direction"

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that comment is so good!!!

Yes! There's a book title in there somewhere. 

"All you need is a dream in your heart...and an almighty knife." ~Bob Ross

have you seen the episode?  i can't find it.

i wonder what would happen to me if i binge watched all 400+ shows...

I can't find it either. It's season 2 episode 4 if you find an archive somewhere. 

I found out why it's not available anywhere online:

His estate aggressively forces websites to take videos down. 

i am utterly confused by the lack of money floating around bob ross.

not paid for his shows?  never sold a painting?  estate refusing to release his videos?  why?

Apparently he did not care about money:

He loved to paint, and he loved to teach painting. As long as he had enough to live, he was happy.

About 3 weeks ago his estate started adding some video clips to YouTube:

Here's a fun one:

I guess actually the comment on top should be this:

Bob Ross anyone can paint quote Imgur colorblind meme

yes.  :)

Looks even better in greyscale!

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