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Mozilla Firefox's dictionaries: US English vs British English

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British English is twice the size of American English?!

These are browser dictionaries so it's not the most accurate source but I found it funny!

Apparently imgur user sub was a bit upset haha, I love taunting northern american communities. They are so eager to joke about other cultures and have such a bad time accepting that we do the same. ;)

By the way, look at the French one. : D

Yeah, Americans need to have more sense of humor about ourselves!

Why is French so big??

I think there are two reasons, first it's an old language to witch we gladly add foreign words all the time.

Second, it has some special characters like é è à î ï ô that may require larger variable types.

Like long-strings instead of just strings, something like that.

Ah, okay, that makes sense. Canadian English is tiny!

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