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BuzzFeed Sept 2012: 30 million users and growing...

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Up from 20 million in April.

The growth is thanks in part to viral hits like 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity. That one post alone may have been responsible for the traffic surge; the single-page post raked in 9 million views.

BuzzFeed's revenue is on track to more than triple the year prior. He says both uniques and revenue have grown because of the company's strategy:

Long Term Focus. "Nobody has built a truly great publishing company for the social age and we have a good shot to be the ones who do it."

Respecting our readers. "We don’t publish slideshows. Instead we publish scrollable lists so readers don’t have to click a million times and can easily scroll through a post."

We build the whole enchilada. "We manage our own servers, we built our CMS from scratch, we created our own realtime stats system, we have our own data science team, we invented own ad products and our own post formats, and all these products are brought to life by our own editorial team and our own creative services team."

We Are Doing Something Hard. "As one of the few venture backed publishers, we are in a unique position to be one of the leading creators of web content crafted by true professionals."

We got lucky! "People don’t like to admit it but skill is 63% luck."

We Don’t Treat Half Our Team Like Losers. "People don’t do good work when they feel like losers and are second class citizens within their own company.  Fortunately we have avoided that problem.  We love the silly, we love the substantive, and we love making advertising that is actually compelling."

Our Awesome Team. "In just the past 6 months (!), we have assembled an incredibly talented group of reporters and writers who are regularly breaking news, unearthing scoops, advancing ideas, and engaging business leaders, US Senators, Presidential candidates, the White House, and leading media outlets."

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