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Apple’s Magic Is In The Turn, Not The Prestige | TechCrunch

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Apple is not and will not change things just for the sake of change. And while some may now be clamoring for this change, the paradox is that if Apple did make some big changes, many of the same people would bitch and moan about them. Apple is smart enough to know that in this case, most people don’t really want change, they just think that they do because that’s the easiest way to perceive value: visual newness.

Apple’s focus remains on The Turn, the process by which they make the ordinary extraordinary. But even with a masterful Prestige, it’s hard to convey that commitment. That is, until you walk into an Apple Store and pick up the product.

Great Christopher Nolan reference (The Prestige).

Apple is so masterful at never changing too much at once.

1. iPhone was new. The revolution began.

2. iPhone 3G added apps and 3G.

3. iPhone 3GS added speed.

4. iPhone 4 added thinness of phone.

5. iPhone 4S added Siri.

6. iPhone 5 adds length and Siri.

The trick is to never change too much while getting better with every iteration.

That is the magic of Steve Jobs.

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