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Photos: 50 Years of James Bond on Film | Vanity Fair

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Bond is 50.

Christopher Nolan + Liam Neeson = best bond ever.

Wait, what? When?

I was thinking you still have no better Bond than Connery.

Daniel Craig is quite awesome, too.

That's a dream combo. Nolan wants to do Bond, and given that he works ofen with previous actors I could see him taking a different take and an older, more mature Bond.

Sky fall isn't out yet, but I think the lack of continuity in storyline will prove that the series needs an experienced storyteller like Nolan to do his storytelling magic.

As one person put it, inception was a movie about Nolan's journey in storytelling; far-fetched, sure, but I like the idea the third level is Nolan dreaming /trying out for the Bond series.

Inception is the proof that he would produce the best Bond series ever.

Haha, Nolan would probably make a Bond trilogy based on The Odyssey. :)

But wouldn't he choose someone like Guy Pearce or Christian Bale? Or Michael Caine?? :)

I still need to see The Prestige.

Please watch the Prestige. I think you'll like it. :)

I don't like Bale for Bond; Hugh Jackman reportedly was offered Bond before Craig -- he could be a candidate since he's worked with Nolan.

Nolan hasn't announced any films yet and SkyFall may be the last Bond before they change it up...he might be waiting.

So Nolan hasn't said what he's going to work on next?

Any chance for Inception 2?

INCEPTION 2: Inception 1 was all a dream.


Yes. His firm Syncopy is doing Man of Steel, but he's producing and not directing.

Actually, Inception 2 is not a bad idea.

There's a lot Nolan could do with that universe and those characters.