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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: the Road Traveled and the Road Ahead

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality the Road Traveled and the Road Ahead The Mediaquake Medium


My personal take on VR is that headsets are not the end game but just the beginning. The next 2 years will see the development of non-headset VR technology which is already exists in the form of museum installations and top-of-line training/simulation. Moore’s law surely applies to this technology and already Barco’s top-of-line immersive spaces and VR training have inspired companies such as Catopsys. Its Immersis project is rolling out AR projectors that transform a room into a shared projection space. Think of Spike Jonze’s HER as a sign of where this is heading.

A very exciting potential development is the ability — through these immersive spaces — to create a network of new third spaces, reminiscent of community movie theaters that have for the most part disappeared. These locations, a combination of cafés and exhibition spaces, make sense for both consumers and content producers. They could bloom into an alternative distribution network for VR/AR content and also serve as community movie theaters for the projection of traditional content.

VR and AR are exciting fields and burgeoning industries that will need to foster a symbiotic relationship between technology and content. The jury is still out on the timeline for both technologies to go fully mainstream. VR headset sales numbers which will be analyzed after Christmas 2015 will represent an important milestone.

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Non-headset VR would be a vast improvement. 

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