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Jupiter Ascending - HD Trailer

Source: YouTube Video

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Yes, go see it. It's got the humor of Brazil and Guardians of the Galaxy, the lurv story of Twilight (in a funny way), the conspiracy of Men in Black 2, and the action of the Chronicles of Riddick. 

I think it wasn't bad, but a bit too much teenager-oriented (Twilight kind).

The background has a lot of potential, it could have been exploited better I think.


I think it's funny.  I can see the studio guys now.  Wow, our market research says people like dogs and here's a movie that made a lot of money where we can show a woman falling in love with a wolf like thing.  Add some gene splicing in and voila, the studio thinks it's got a winning formula.  Despite that, the movie actually worked for me.  (No, I'm not a fan of that whole other series).

I haven't seen it yet but will see it because you both liked it.

Seems like the idea has promise but it could have been better. 

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