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Awesome hacker comic

awesome hacker comic meme pineapple sparkle

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On your medium page I found a good explanation, too:

The narrative of Pineapple Sparkle pits two sets of characters, the attackers and the victims, against each other. It’s not entirely clear who the pro- or antagonist in the story should be, but it doesn’t really matter. The reality is that each group of players goes about their day in a dance of identifying and exploiting one another’s weaknesses with noble intent.

PINEAPPLE SPARKLE is about the people.

Let me lay it out for you: “sophisticated” attackers are using phishing in every attack with three important variants

  1. links to exploit web pages
  2. documents containing exploits
  3. executables disguised as documents.

It’s not the different actor groups, bot networks, malware or their motivations that are significant. Digging into the motivations of attackers or details of malware will only lead back to the conclusion that it’s about the people. The challenges we face in cybersecurity are almost entirely people related. It’s a persistent challenge that information security practitioners have been confronting and one that Area 1 has and will continue to solve.

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