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How Filthy Is Your Beard? - The Atlantic

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Some doctors have suggested that beard hair can be a bristly breeding ground for germs. “Beard hair; it’s coarser. It has the shape of a bayonet, a round, convexed bottom and then comes up the side to a point,” Carol Walker, a consultant trichologist at Birmingham Trichology Centre, told the U.K.'s Daily Mail. “The cuticles on the hair—which are like layers of tiles on a roof—trap the germs and grease."

Leo's beard does look particularly... Dirty.

Aren't their preparations to clean the beard?  Like dog shampoo?

Even normal shampoo will do. Or vinegar!


If you're going for aromatics, why not lavender?  I would love a lavender-scented beard.

That sounds like a good call to me. Lavender is so calming!

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