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Game of Thrones s5e5 "Kill the Boy" gifs and memes

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A Targaryen alone in the world. It's a terrible thing. ~Maester Aemon to Jon Snow

"Less enemies for us."




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Stannis Baratheon fewer downvotes for us gif:

Thank you kronik907 for making this gif:

Tyrion if I stop drinking all at once the hangover will kill me meme Imgur game of thrones s5e5 kill the boy

Norah Oregon Trail gif imgur tumblr jorahgon trail game of thrones s5e5 stone men greyscale kill the boy meme

Melisandre seducing Jon Snow NSFW gif:

Charlotte Hope Myranda with Ramsay NSFW gif:

Thank you SmoopyRocks for these gifs.

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daenerys what do you think meme Imgur Tumblr game of thrones s5e5 kill the boy

Is Hizdahr the Harpy?

Further, the first time he's confronted with possible death, Hizdahr begs and says he had nothing to do with it. In the chamber with the dragons, he says, "All men must die." Then when Dany comes for him again, he begs once more. Why the difference? When he begs, the other family leaders are not around. He's only brave when they're watching. I'd say he's the Harpy for sure.

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