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Which companies in the Bay Area have the most female friendly software engineering teams in 2015? The Quora Answer by Tracy Chou is helpful.

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Tracy paints a picture of Pinterest as among the best in the Bay Area in 2015:

I'm obviously biased, but I think Pinterest has done an amazing job at building a female-friendly engineering team and culture. 

I've personally felt that I'm well-respected as an engineer, independent of gender, and I'm expected to do good work. At Pinterest, I've had really great opportunities to learn and grow and develop in my career — from architecting critical pieces of our codebase and systems, to switching into entirely new parts of the engineering stack, to tech leading projects and teams.

Across the organization, there's incredible support for building a more diverse and inclusive culture. Even at our current size, which is ~500 employees, Pinterest already has two employees working on D&I initiatives full-time, one staffed in HR and one in recruiting. We've hired two diversity consultants to review our recruiting, hiring, and promotion processes and make recommendations to reduce what bias we can. There are two diversity reps (white male senior engineers) on e-staff, which comprises the engineering managers that report to our Head of Engineering. I can also personally attest to an amazing PR team behind the scenes that is always super helpful in crafting and coordinating press opportunities that further the broader conversation around diversity in tech. 

We have an active Ladies @ Pinterest group, a moms group, an eng-women group, and smaller peer mentorship groups within engineering. These are spaces for unfiltered conversation: we'll talk about anything from "office housework" and pay transparency a la #talkpay, to the best baby shower venues in San Francisco. There is a community here.

And as a final point, the data bears out our deliberate effort and resultant success in building out stronger female engineering cohorts: our last two summer engineering intern classes were ~30-35% female, and so are our incoming intern and new grad engineering classes. Although we still have a long way to go, it's rewarding to see the gains we've made. And as we grow as a company, we are starting to dedicate resources to other aspects of improving diversity, such as in leadership and senior engineering roles. (And racial diversity — that's a whole other conversation.) Full steam ahead!

If I had any firsthand knowledge of the engineering cultures at other companies, I'd offer it, but all I can say is that I've also heard good things about:

  • Medium
  • SurveyMonkey (female CTO)
  • Polyvore (female CEO)
  • Khan Academy

And, not surprisingly, their percentages of women in engineering are correspondingly higher than the average. [Source: Women in Software Engineering stats]

I have heard that Etsy and Reddit are also women-friendly engineering cultures.

I searched on Pinterest for "women in engineering" and found this:

women in pinterest engineering

I like the references to Grace Hopper and Hedy Lamarr.

In searching Pinterest for "women in engineering" I also found this infographic:

women in pinterest engineering infographic

Interesting that there is no software in this infographic.