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The Two Words That Will Lead You To Success and Happiness |

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Great interview with Glenn Frey of the Eagles about Jackson Browne about practice.

Elbow grease, time, thought, persistence. ---> "Doctor My Eyes"

The least you need to remember:

  • The word “yes” leads to happiness.
  • The word “no” leads to success.

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I thought the two words were going to be "Love you"

The Beatles used to say that love is all you need.

What does the word "maybe" lead to?

Neither success nor happiness. The middle of the road is where you get run over.

Maybe... it's also where you can pass everybody else like they're standing still.

Most people don't set out to for a clear destination at speed, typically because they lack the clarity of where they want to go; whenever you do travel at speed with intention what's behind you doesn't matter and the middle of the road is the only way to get there within a lifetime.

I never till now considered the notion that the middle of the road could be the fast lane.


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