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Here’s the Secret to Loving Your Job, According to Research | TIME

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Make a heart with your hands whenever you can!

I sure hope that proctologist in the above picture doesn't follow your advice ... 

What makes you think that's a proctologist?

Those hands are geared up to go somewhere where protection is needed... 

They could be the hands of a surgeon. But most likely they're just the hands of a hand model. 

People whose jobs allowed them to use their signature strengths — those qualities they were uniquely best at, the talents that set them apart from others — were consistently happier.

Putting this insight to use, as per expert Martin Seligman’s book, Authentic Happiness:

  • Identify your signature strengths.
  • Choose work that lets you use them every day.
  • Recraft your present work to use your signature strengths more.
  • If you are the employer, choose employees whose signature strengths mesh with the work they will do. If you are a manager, make room to allow employees to recraft the work within the bounds of your goals.

You can also use it in your personal life to increase happiness.

Adam, your above bullet points are an excellent formula for starting or upgrading any daily practice ... there you go.

I do believe that is Martin Seligman's specialty.

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