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Car boarding a ship over a plank

This doesn't look like it would work.

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Top Reddit comment: "I no longer understand physics or material science."

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I've driven worse roads. :-)  Planks over rivers down the coast south of Acapulco.....

Is there a logical explanation for how the car can do that?


Reddit comment:

They just got lucky, no matter how often they try it. Their tolerance for failure and death is flat-out much, much higher than you or I.

If you're pushing wood to the limit, you're getting lucky, period. You have no idea what imperfections there are in the grain. You have no idea if there is a seam between heartwood and grain, or if that's a crack waiting to fail.

Sure, you can do this often enough to be ok. But these people have no choice and they are not engineers. It's speculation and luck. Win enough to keep doing it out of necessity.

i've seen it twice now and i still feel a swell of relief when they make it aboard!  i want to clap and cheer!!

and yes, they may be getting lucky here, or maybe those are their lucky, bouncy, extra strong wood planks they use for a flawless execution every time!  i am surprised to see they are willing to risk such a nice truck, though.  i mean, really, guys...

(the grammar in that first paragraph of the reddit comment is killing me!)

Yeah that grammar is killing me too.

I feel like because they had no consequences they are going to do it again.

And the next time they won't be so lucky. 

when he just hangs there though: the rear wheels right in the middle, the planks bowing at their utmost... i dunno, his confidence makes me feel like he's done it enough times successfully that now it's how it's done!

(i love that you have a stash called nonononoyes!)

Believe it or not there's a whole nonononoyes subreddit:

And I agree with you that he's so nonchalant about it that this is not his first time. 

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