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Is Chip Kelly a madman or mastermind?

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I love a football coach that makes you question their basic sanity! Best detail: Kelly prefers defensive linemen whose knees measure at least 18" in circumference!! Seems like there is a method to his madness however, and his teams are entertaining as heck... so bring it on Chip.

Sounds like he is both.

Kelly's wild offseason has completely overhauled the Eagles' roster

The bizarre moves that Kelly made this offseason seemed impulsive, if not crazy, to many fans and even reporters that cover the game on a daily basis:

-Trade the starting QB, who two seasons ago threw 27 touchdowns and just two interceptions, for an unproven young quarterback that has suffered two ACL tears in the last two years? Check.

-Trade the league's second-leading rusher over the last two seasons, for a linebacker that also was coming off a season-ending ACL injury? Check.

-Replace the league's second-leading rusher over the last two seasons with the only guy to run for more yards than him since 2013? Check.

-Let the team's leading receiver walk in free agency and replace him with ... a rookie? Check.

-Release a slew of veterans -- including linebacker Trent Cole, cornerback Cary Williams, guard Todd Herremans and tight end James Casey -- who provided a ton of leadership and experience on both sides of the ball? Check.

-Sign a questionable quarterback who hasn't thrown a pass in the NFL since 2012? Check.

We know that Kelly has a plan, but it's hard not to be puzzled by several of the moves he made this offseason. Is the Eagles' head coach a brilliant mastermind or a bizarre oddball?

The whole article is at SI:

Moneyball knows no sanity: the minimum circumference of a linesman's knee is no lie!

Actually, that is the epitome of crazy or genius. I've never heard anyone else speak of that stat. 

Chip Kelly just released All Pro Guard Evan Mathis because even though he was great on the offensive line he could not keep his mouth shut:

This season will demonstrate whether Chip Kelly is a genius or a madman.

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