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Everything's broken and nobody's upset - Scott Hanselman

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Here we are in 2012 in a world of open standards on an open network, with angle brackets and curly braces flying at gigabit speeds and it's all a mess. Everyone sucks, equally and completely.

One man's impotent struggle against the mood killer that is shitty all software.

After tiring himself out a bit with vigorous ranting, he leaves the audience with a bold question: Can software companies collectively step up their game and do better?

I'm not sure I have the answer, but I do know one thing:


Software sucks by definition; it is ever-changeable, ever-evolvable.

If we knew exactly what we were building it would be hardware not software.

Microsoft and Open Source have trained software users to expect their software to suck.

It's all about reduced expectations.

"Aim low kids, so low no-one will even care if you suceed" Marge Simpson Microsoft etc.

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