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Buy Me Maybe: Can A Meme Sell Records? - Ashley Fetters - The Atlantic

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The future of the record industry is here...

And then there's this:

(Plenty of theories have been floated as to why, scientifically, "Call Me Maybe" is just so damn addictive. Among them: The juxtaposition of a soft rhyme—"crazy" and "maybe"—with the conceptual dissonance of a closely situated directive and caveat—"call me" and "maybe"—create a "cognitive itch" that begs to be scratched. Seriously.)

I still can't get over this:

Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad.

Call Me Maybe Fuck Logic

Because Fuck Logic. Carly Rae, aaaaaaaaaargh!

Carly Rae Jepsen has spent years in the Canadian music industry paying her dues.

She's not an overnight success.

That her big hit came deep in her career makes her similar to two breakout stars this year, Belgian-Australian Gotye ("Somebody I Used to Know") and Korea's Psy ("Oppa Gangnam Style" is from his sixth album!).


1. Thanks to iTunes, it doesn't matter where an artist is from to be a hit in America.

2. YouTube lets not just the original song go viral but leaves room for responses, covers, and parodies.

3. Facebook and Twitter are the main channels on the Internet for songs to go viral on.

4. U.S. television like American Idol, X Factor, The Voice, MTV, and SNL can add to Internet momentum.

5. There will always be a place for catchy, sincere pop music.

There are 63,000 remakes of "Call Me Maybe" according to Ellen Degeneres:

Carly's favorite is the cookie monster version:

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