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I like Nerdopolis much better than "creative class environment" or whatever. Software is eating the world but in the meantime we might as well have a tiny bit of fun with it.

Wow, college means mobility:

People are more likely to move if they have a college degree, but Davis and Dingel say that prime-working-age people born in the United States who change residences are more than 50 percent more likely to change metropolitan areas if they’ve graduated from college. A college graduate is likely to move about 80 percent farther away from home than a high-school graduate, and the data reveal that SAT scores are higher among people who switch states. In Dingel’s view, talented people will continue to move to large cities to pursue their career goals.

College grads in the 90s moved to cities with fast-growing "smart" industries like tech. 

But now, US college grads choose cities with the biggest labor markets and the best chances of landing literally any job.


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